Workspaces - Access critical data out of the office

Sage 200 workspaces bring key information together on one screen

They give different people across your organisation relevant information quickly and easily and are customisable, so you can configure them to suit different job roles and responsibilities.

Workspaces are very simple to navigate. You can quickly and easily drill down from top level to more detailed information. For example. you can select a customer account on a workspace and from there see the transactions that customer has made.

To customise their workspace, users can:

  • • Add and remove data fields
  • • Quickly filter and sort information using advanced filters that can be saved and shared with other users
  • • Save time as forms can be automatically populated with details of the item selected on the workspace
  • • Print workspaces data and related reports
  • • Change the layout and content of the workspaces using the Workspace Designer , so it fits to the way you work
  • • Access data remotely from external sources alongside your Sage 200 data on one screen

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