Sage 50 Payroll

What is Sage 50 Payroll?

Sage 50 Payroll provides you with the confidence that you’re paying the right people, the right amount of money at the right time whilst remaining legislatively compliant. And as employment legislation and modern ways of working demands you to do more; we’re ready with new ways to take care of your payroll and pension processes, keeping you in complete control. Recognised by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Sage 50 Payroll provides you with the tools to manage your entire payroll process, as well as reducing the administrative burden of complex legislation, such as RTI and Automatic Enrolment and making sure you’re always up to date. Sage 50 Payroll is the ideal solution for business owners, office managers, bookkeepers and accountants alike, who need to manage the payroll for over 10 employees.

undefined Manage your payroll
The key element of running your payroll is paying your employees the correct amount of money, on time. The process of paying employees is simple and efficient with Sage 50 Payroll, meaning you can complete your payroll quickly and easily.
With Sage 50 Payroll you can:

  • • Pay the right people the right amount of money on the right day
  • • Automatically calculate statutory payments such as tax, National Insurance, statutory sick pay and maternity pay
  • • Make electronic payments direct to employee bank accounts
  • • Receive and submit forms electronically to HMRC
  • • Process student loans, attachments of earnings and employees loans
  • • Set-up salary sacrifice deductions including pensions and childcare vouchers
  • • Easily make RTI submissions to HMRC
  • • Stay up to date with the latest legislation such as RTI and Automatic Enrolment

undefined Manage your people
Sage 50 Payroll helps you manage and maintain all of your employee records; from keeping track of job history, appraisals and disciplinary records to the management of holidays and absences.

With Sage 50 Payroll you can:

  • • Store written statements of employment
  • • Automatically calculate statutory payments such as sick pay and maternity payment
  • • Predict the impact of pay increases, with Salary Review Forecasting
  • • Manage employees’ holidays and absence
  • • Manage appraisals and disciplinary records
  • • Process paperwork for leavers and easily set up new starters
  • • Append documents to an employee’s records e.g. Job Contracts and Pay Awards

undefined Manage your time
Sage 50 Payroll allows you to work the way you want to. You can set-up, store and manage your payroll data in a way that fits your business.

With Sage 50 Payroll you can:

  • • Archive PDF versions of year-end reports so they’re quick and easy to access
  • • Import and export employee and timesheet data from Microsoft Excel, CSV and other payroll software
  • • Send your salary journals directly to Sage Instant Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts
  • • Multi-company tasks allows you to update information for all or a selection of companies
  • • Store up to seven years of processing history, allowing easier production of historical payslips, summary reports and create personalised historical reports
  • • Create reminders to occur by date and time to assist in running your payroll tasks
  • • Use the Audit Trail log to keep track of changes made to your employees payroll payments Sage Business Community

undefined Manage your reporting
Variance and Exceptions reporting Dealing with employees’ payroll can involve processing lots of information, which can make it difficult to spot mistakes or something out of the ordinary; resulting in you spending time working back to find out what went wrong.

Variance and Exceptions reporting will help you to:

  • • Look for irregularities in your payroll
  • • Make any changes needed before completing your payroll
  • • Allow you to set-up exception rules for comparison
  • • Set-up variance rules for gross pay, net pay and pensions as well as individual payments and deductions
  • • Run reports that detail the exceptions found based on the rules you’ve set

undefined Calculation drill downs
Calculation drill downs eliminates the need to run a report and provides this at a click of a mouse. It allows you to drill down to see a breakdown of the figures when viewing employees’ year to date values so you can easily see:

  • • How the figures are calculated
  • • When a manual figure has been entered - often the cause of reporting errors
  • • When the error was made
  • • Locate the period to correct if needed

undefined Managing your payslips
Automated Payslip Module* Automated Payslips is an add on for Sage 50 Payroll, available on a monthly subscription, that seamlessly integrates with your softwar enabling you to send payslips to employees in a single click; they be hosted online or posted direct to your employees or your business. Simply select whether you want them printed and/or to be accessed securely online and everything else is done for you. It not only works out cheaper but it will help to relieve the payslip stresses that you encounter on a weekly or a monthly basis- allowing you to forget about the manual work and focus on your people.

With Automated Payslips you can:

  • • Reduce printing and postage costs
  • • Reduce your workload from printing and posting payslips
  • • Quickly and easily access historic payslips
  • • Have added peace of mind with securely hosted online payslips

undefinedTaking Care of Pensions 
The introduction of Automatic Enrolment legislation means you’ll have new legal duties to help your employees save for their retirement and with it comes a substantial amount of administrative obligations but Sage 50 Payroll has been designed with features and supporting modules to help you get prepared for this significant legislation change.

undefined Pensions Centre 
All the knowledge, tools and resources you need to create the most seamless and stress free move into Automatic Enrolment for your business in the most user friendly format possible.

Features of the Pensions Centre include:

  • • Create your personalised Action Plan
  • • Set up your Pensions quickly and easily with Fast-track Pensions
  • • Understand the cost of Automatic Enrolment on your business by calculating the contributions and trying scenarios
  • • Create reminders to keep everyone up to date with what needs to be done 
  • • Access all of the Automatic Enrolment information you need in the best format for you
  • • Keep track of your Automatic Enrolment preparation progress

 Sage 50 Payroll now offers the flexibility to purchase an additional pensions module with added functionality as and when you need it.

undefined Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module* 
Sage 50 Payroll together with The Pensions Module will eliminate the burden of Automatic Enrolment for you and your business. It’s an additional paid for module which automates the admin processes created by Automatic Enrolment.
The Pensions Module will support with:

  • • Automatically assessing your workforce
  • • Managing pensions data and payments
  • • Communicating with your employees
  • • Eliminating the burden

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