Spindle Document Distribution


One click document delivery - No other solution is as easy as this

In a typical month your accounts department alone produces hundreds, even thousands, of documents – invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, remittance advice notes and statements.  

With one click, Spindle Document Distribution automatically sends documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print. It stores them for easy access, freeing up time and saving your business money.

Spindle Document Distribution, created by Draycir, is used by over 34,000 users throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.  It is an affordable, award-winning solution, that simplifies the document delivery process and works with practically any Windows application that can print, including, but not exclusive to:

  • Sage 50
  • Sage 200

Benefits of Spindle Document Distribution

Save time and eliminate errors

  • • Send documents at the click of a button
  • • Use email and fax, not post
  • • Eliminate human errors by automating all communications with pre-chosen settings

Spindle Document Distribution merges information from business applications, creating documents for automatic distribution by email, fax or print. It archives documents for easy retrieval, so improving communication between departments, saving time and eliminating errors.

Quick return on investment

  • • No expensive pre-printed stationery needed
  • • No more postal costs or delays
  • • Saves costs of barcode generating equipment

By adding branding and offers in an instant, as well as emailing or faxing documents, Spindle Document Distribution dramatically reduces costs. There's no need for pre-printed stationery or expenditure on postage. See how much you can save on our Savings Calculator

Enhance your company's image


  • • Automatically brand documents for a professional look
  • • Add your company logo, promotions and seasonal messages quickly and easily

Designed to help businesses create the right impression by automatically branding and adding logos to documents so they look as good as pre-printed stationery. Allows promotions and messages to be quickly added and easily removed for up-to-the minute accuracy.

Reduce environmental impact

  • • Send documents by email and fax, reducing your carbon footprint
  • • Use less paper and reduce your environmental impact

Sending documents by email and fax can dramatically cut down the amount of pre-printed paper used by your business. Sending documents by post increases a company's carbon footprint, so faxing and email can help reduce environmental impact.

Authenticate and protect documents 

  • • Accelerate and streamline workflow
  • • Ensure compliance
  • • Reduce operating costs
  • • Gain competitive advantage

Any company or department sending sensitive or important documentation to customers, suppliers or contractors will benefit from using PDF digital signatures. Digital signatures allow a business to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source and provide evidence should the document be tampered with.

Get Paid Now

Spindle Document Distribution has joined forces with Sage Pay to bring the ‘Pay Now’ button to invoices sent via email. Your customers can now instantly and securely pay you online via Sage Pay.

  • • Faster payments from your customers for improved cash flow
  • • Instant payment alternative to cheque and BACS
  • • Flexible & secure - all major debit and credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • • Easy to set up - ‘Pay Now’ button fully automated by Spindle Document Distribution
  • • Convenience for your customers – autofill payment form (no user interaction required)


The most cost effective way to send documents
Complete with your company branding and messages, finished documents are sent as PDF files.

  • • Writes email for you using a template you've designed and personalised for sender and recipient
  • • Accepted by Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and checked for sending original VAT invoices
  • • Supports HTML (use branding, colours, lines and images) and plain text email
  • • High priority setting highlights important email to recipient
  • • Automatically sends copies to multiple contacts as required
  • • Attaches other documents e.g., sales offers or terms & conditions
  • • Integrates with a range of email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes


Stores documents electronically saving manual filing time and filing errors

  • • Allows documents to be found and accessed by several people simultaneously
  • • Easily backs up and copies to secure location
  • • Archives finished document as you would see it


Spindle Document Distribution creates and automatically inserts barcodes to any or all of your documents.
They can be printed anywhere on the document and you can have more than one barcode per page.

  • • Automatically generate barcodes directly onto documents
  • • Creates over 40 different barcode types
  • • Simplifies order processing - saves time and resources
  • • No need for separate label printers or specialised fonts
  • • Streamlines a wide range of processes

How automated bar coding saves time & money

  • • Spindle Document Distribution prints an invoice generated by the sales team and sends a copy with a barcode inserted and prices removed, to the warehouse for order picking. Multiple barcodes are listed on a single document, allowing several orders to be placed on one invoice and picking document. The warehouse team simply collects a copy and picks orders directly from that sheet.
  • • Orders don't have to be manually entered onto a separate system for barcodes to be generated, simplifying order processing, saving time and resources.


Password-protect batches of documents such as payslips, expenses, invoices, agreements or simply single documents like contracts, agreements or HR correspondence.


When you simply can't email or fax

  • • Always prints correct number of copies
  • • Copies can be printed and collated on different stationery
  • • Prints to multiple printers simultaneously
  • • Automatic printer settings define paper trays, colour or black & white modes



Automatically links outgoing documents with a customer or company and saves a record of the communication for reference.
Allows different departments access to all communications for every customer.

  • • Links documents directly to companies and contacts in your CRM system for easy access
  • • Quotes and accounting documents stored in one place
  • • Adds notes to companies and contacts confirming dates documents were sent
  • • Integrates with range of applications including Sage 200 CRM V6, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or equivalent, enabling documents from other applications to be saved in your CRM system

How automated CRM integration saves time & money

When your finance department sends an overdue debt letter via Spindle Document Distribution, a copy is automatically saved within the CRM system and linked to that customer. Sales people see the customer correspondence and can mention it next time they call, or put a quote on hold until the issue is resolved. With all sales, marketing and accounting information stored instantly in one place, time is not wasted searching different applications to piece together customer information.


Quick document delivery from one business to another

  • • Fax scheduling - save money by sending off-peak and free up phone lines
  • • Automatic fax facility
  • • No need to print hard copies
  • • Fax-optimised stationery can be automatically selected
  • • Adds terms & conditions, promotional or other messages


A valuable addition to SharePoint, making software faster and more effective saving you time and enabling documents to be collated, archived and retrieved instantly. Documents can be searched by any criteria such as customer name or sales value.

  • • Automatic filing and indexing, saves hours and hours
  • • Templates reduce potential for human error
  • • Amend and subtract data once for it to be active across every record
  • • Comprehensive archive and retrieval
  • • Searchable PDF content
  • • Can archive virtually any document you can print
  • • Works across a range of software applications

How automated archiving into SharePoint saves time & money.

Your personnel department can use Spindle Document Distribution to archive all employee documents including payslips, holidays, sickness, training and appraisal records. You can then search and access for any individual record in PDF files.

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