Commercials - Managing your stock

With Sage 200 you get a complete inventory and warehouse management solution to help you optimise stock levels, keep costs down and deliver what your customers want.


undefined Easily control your stock
Quickly and easily access your stock record details, including supplier details, stock levels at each location and pricing information. Pinpoint where your products come from, where they are now, when they were sold and at what price.
Control stock items by serial or batch number, include criteria like ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates, as well as specifying your own information for each item. Monitor stock movements and traceability.
Work with different quantities, for example buying tiles by the pallet, storing them by the box and selling by the square metre.
Set up unlimited categories for reporting purposes or to help you locate your products during the sales order entry process.

undefined Effectively manage your suppliers
Get the best deals from suppliers by recording details of price history, lead time, part reference and purchase history, for each stock item. Useful if you need to source an item from another stockist.

undefined Manage your business effectively across multiple locations
If your business works across more than one location, you can manage each location independently for things like replenishment, sales, reporting and stock takes. Realign stock levels quickly and accurately, and gain a complete view of the stock held in your business. And account for extra costs such as customs duties.

undefined Track your stock
Keep track of your stock by flagging up any inactive stock items. They can’t be ordered but stay on the system so you can review their full history. And improve efficiency and maintain budget control by keeping track of internal stock movements.
Count the most valuable items or particular products in stock and quickly find stock items by name or reference number when you’re dealing directly with customers over the phone.

undefined Improve efficiency, cut costs and improve customer service
Reduce time taken from order to shipment by choosing to ship direct to your customer from a supplier. Reduce order time for your most important customers by allocating stock to orders as soon as they are received. This gives you the freedom to prioritise your most important customers and keep them happy

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