Stock Control

...with Cim50 Stock Control; combined with the Sage 50 Stock module, track and maintain the items you sell, buy or manufacture.

Take advantage of this module, to utilise traceability, quarantine and the ability to amend sales order despatches or purchase order receipts.

Traceability Quarrantine
Track all serial numbers & batch
movements showing a detailed
costing breakdown and history.
Book items into quarantine when
receiving goods
, completing a works
order or manually transfer at any time.


Advanced stocktaking for batch and
serial numbers
, with the facility to
halt all stock transactions for items
being counted
Despatch or receive goods from
within Stock Control with the ability
to capture packing information. If
've despatched the wrong item,
or received the wrong quantity,
simply amend accordingly.



Key Statistics

Analysis Codes
Monitor key indicators for your stock,
including supplier and despatch
performance with
cost variances, in
one easy to view enquiry.
Up to 20 analysis codes can be setup
to suit your business requirements,
used by the advanced filtering and
search facility throughout Cim50.


Audit Log

User Interface
Check for amendments to stock
records within the audit log
tracking any changes made and
by whom
Cim50 Stock Control provides you
current functionality of Sage 50
, with enhanced features
from Cim50
, within one easy to use


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