Non Ferrous/Scales Module

Our Scales Module provides a convenient touch screen application to use at the remote weighing location.

undefined Scale Link
If you require the system to be linked with the platform scale or scales this can be achieved easily.

undefined Touchscreen
We can supply a fully IP65 touchscreen ‘pod’ for outdoor use. This maintains safety for the operators in these hostile environments.

undefined Barcoded print
The system will print a tamper proof ticket with a full barcode for optional scanner retrieval at the ‘main office’

undefined Camera capture
Each time a weight is taken (if linked to the scale) a picture can captured of the load being weighed, it can also optionally be stamped with the scale weight, ID and the operator’s name.

undefined Linked to the ‘main office’
The system is live linked to the ‘main office’ which means any changes are immediately visible from the location and updates to the ticket can be processed from either location.

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