What is Sage 50 Accounts?

Sage 50c Accounts is the market-leading accounts software that makes managing your customers, suppliers and day-to-day finances as easy as possible.


From invoicing customers and paying suppliers, to dealing with every aspect of your VAT and accounts, it helps you manage all the different areas of your business. It gives you the reliable information you need to stay in control and drive your business success.

By keeping accounts simple, it helps ease your way through your day and leaves you free to focus on your business.

When it comes to legislation, we know it’s one of the things which keeps our customers awake at night, and for many businesses that legislation is VAT. Whether that’s wondering about whether you need to be VAT registered and how it all works; to worrying about whether you’ve done it right and what could happen if you haven’t. VAT is a complicated tax that can have a big impact if you get it wrong. 


undefined I understand my accounts. One less thing to worry about.

Not everyone’s an accounts expert, so we ditch the jargon and make sure Sage 50c Accounts uses language you understand. There’s a simple set up wizard to help you get up and running. Plus guides and videos within the software will talk you through exactly what you need to do and show you how to do it. 

When you’re in control of your money, you’re in control of your business. Sage 50c Accounts makes it simple and straightforward to keep track of your cash flow

  • • Are you covering your costs?
  • • What payments are due?
  • • Who do you need to chase for payment?

Sage 50c Accounts answers all these questions and more. With profit and loss and balance sheet reports available at the touch of a button, you can be confident you’re always in control of your business.

undefined I understand my VAT

Sage 50c Accounts will guide you through the process of calculating, verifying and submitting your VAT return online to HMRC. Once you’re done, you can receive and store your submission receipt, so you can feel reassured that you’ve calculated and submitted an accurate VAT return, and free up your time to focus on your business.
With Sage 50c Accounts we’ve done more than ever to make dealing with VAT even easier.
We’ve brought everything you need to calculate, verify and submit your VAT together into a single step-by-step process. It makes it easy for you to see what you have to do, where you are in the process and gives you the confidence that you’ve calculated and submitted your VAT correctly.

  • • Show me how gives you the confidence that you are entering and processing transactions correctly for your VAT Scheme
    • VAT verifier gives you the confidence that your VAT return contains all the transactions for the VAT period you’re submitting for.

You can also:

  • • Save time - submit your return in just three clicks
  • • Keep a record of your return with submission receipts automatically stored alongside your VAT returns
  • • Quickly send payment instructions to your bank to pay HMRC directly from your software, via e-banking

undefined I understand my costs and profits

Who are your best customers? Who buys what, and when and how often? Could you get a better deal from your suppliers? Who always delivers what you ordered on time? Sage 50c Accounts has the answers to these questions and more. As you record the information you need to keep your accounts straight, you can build up a better picture of your customers and suppliers and use that to make a success of your business.

If you trade outside of the UK, operating in foreign currencies can add an extra layer of complexity to your accounts. With Sage 50c Accounts you can keep all the information you need to manage foreign trading right where you need it. Whether you’re managing fluctuating exchange rates between issuing invoices and getting paid or just reconciling multiple currencies in your accounts, you can stay on top of things. Add-on the Foreign Trader Module* and you have software to manage multiple currencies. Record transactions, create invoices, reconcile accounts in foreign currencies and manage foreign trading on the VAT Cash Accounting Scheme.

undefined Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

Take your business with you

Where and when you do business is changing, with mobile technology making it easy to do deals when opportunity strikes. With Sage 50c Accounts Mobile you get live access to your Sage 50c Accounts Information so you can keep up to date with your finances when you’re out and about. Use it to see a quick overview of customer, supplier and financial details, or create sales orders, quotes and invoices on the go and make the most of every opportunity. It’s a free mobile application that’s simple to use and set up with your desktop software.

undefined I understand how decisions affect my business 

Reports can tell you a lot about your business, helping you make informed decisions about its future. Sage 50c Accounts comes with a choice of reports that you can view in as much or as little detail as you need. Get a quick overview of your finances at a glance, or dig deeper into the analysis with reports that you can tailor to your unique business needs.

Manage your stock

If you make your money through selling products, knowing how much you have in stock and how much it’s worth is an important part of running your business. With Sage 50c Accounts you have all the help you need. Holding stock ties up your cash flow, so Sage 50c Accounts gives you an up-to-date view of what you have; how profitable items are and helps keep your customers happy by making sure you never run out. With Sage 50c Accounts you have greater control over your stock. You can get an accurate view of your stock value; keep your information on your stock levels up to date and check if you have enough stock to fulfil orders as you go.

• Easily calculate the value of your stock with the opening and closing stock wizard. This means your financial reports show an accurate stock value.
• Import stock take from Excel/CSV files to ensure that stock levels in Sage 50c Accounts match what you actually have.
• Remove products/services that you no longer sell from your product list so your stock list only shows items currently on sale.

undefined I understand how to stay connected

Sage 50c Accounts helps your business run smoother and faster, by keeping you connected. It makes payments easy, so you keep your cash flow healthy. It helps you build good relationships with suppliers by paying accurately and on time. And it puts the information you need about finances and support at your fingertips, wherever you are.

  • • Give customers more payment options and receive debit/credit card payments with Sage Pay*.
  • • Receive the money in your bank account and add the payment transaction details into Sage 50c Accounts at the click of a button.
  • • Quickly and accurately pay your suppliers for goods and services by storing supplier payments details to produce a payment file. Sage 50c Accounts then uses this to upload to your online bank to      make the payments via e-banking.
  • • Access up to date financial data while visiting your customers, suppliers or bank manager with Sage 50c Accounts Mobile (app for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry) and Sage 50c Accounts           Pulse** (app for Windows 8 tablet)
  • • Receive live messages from Sage about support and the best way to contact us quickly, changes to legislation and new products and services.

* Additional charges apply, find out more www.sagepay.com
** Additional charges apply, find out more www.sage.co.uk/sage50pulse

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