CIM 50 Manufacturing for Sage 50


Cim50 is a modular system that provides you with all the tools you need manage your business.

Whether you are looking for enhanced
Stock Control
to go beyond the
capabilities of Sage 50 Accounts, or are
looking for a complete Manufacturing
package to control all aspects of your
business, Cim50 is a revolutionary new
product that gives you the control and
confidence you need from your
business-critical software.

We have combined our 100+ years'
worth of manufacturing industry leading
experience and knowledge
to produce
our own cutting
-edge software solution
that integrates with Sage 50 Accounts

When designing our software, we
followed several key philosophies to
ensure Cim50 is familiar to customers
who use Sage 50 Accounts, or have
used Sage 50 Manufacturing. We
focused on ensuring that Cim50 is easy
to use, with a modern user interface,
whilst providing powerful functionality
and clear, easy to understand reporting.

We have listened to all comments and
feedback received from
customers and
business partners
, to produce a solution
that will improve data management and
processing for all



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