Targeted Marketing Effectiveness with the Sage 200c Suite

Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers and their buying behaviour is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. The Sage 200c Suite provides powerful tools for marketing teams to plan, execute and audit highly targeted marketing campaigns.


undefined Benefits Snapshot

  • • Produces highly targeted customer communications
  • • Ensures customers receive the right marketing message at the right time
  • • Ability to identify and provide customised products/services to different customer segments
  • • Enables pinpoint budget management
  • • Enables accurate measurement of marketing campaign RoI
  • • Improves marketing campaign response rate
  • • Enables fully integrated, multi-channel marketing initiatives
  • • Provides improved intelligence to marketing on lead generation activities
  • • Enables automated response tracking
  • • Leads to decreased cost per lead
  • • Leads to decreased cost per customer acquired
  • • Reduces marketing campaign lead time
  • • Delivers detailed information on the lifetime value of customers and enables profitable customers to be easily identified
  • • Enables real-time marketing performance analysis
  • • Reduces marketing administrative overhead and enables marketing budget to be tracked and managed
  • • Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive marketing information on the interactive dashboard
  • • Provides users with fully integrated e-marketing functionality which includes full response tracking
  • • Comes with fully customisable marketing workflow out-of-the-box for rapid campaign execution
  • • Enables users to execute e-marketing campaign using pre-designed email templates that cover all communication needs
  • • Tracks all e-marketing email interactions including open rates, clicks and bounces automatically through Sage 200c
  • • Supports multi-channel marketing
  • • Maximises customer communications and interactions through integrated social media channels

Easy-to-use, Sage 200c provides marketing staff with the tools to target the right customer at the right time, eliminating guesswork and optimising marketing resources. Sage 200c delivers powerful e-marketing tools for end-to-end marketing campaign giving you the ability to assign and analyse marketing activities efficiently and easily.

Sage 200c provides effective controls for monitoring marketing budget and can also calculate direct revenue yields. Reporting can help track source of leads and assess opportunities and help focus on prospects that are more likely to purchase, increasing RoI and maximising the marketing budget and spend. Graphs and reports can be displayed on the interactive dashboard for quick reference and enable you to analyse data in real-time.

Marketing users can incorporate social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn® into Sage 200c enabling them to maximise their communications and interactions with customers and prospects.
As a result of tight integration with financial and commercial data, marketing staff have the ability to create campaigns based on the financial profile, order information and purchase history of customers enabling marketing managers to generate accurate RoI calculations for better marketing measurement. The interactive dashboard displays all of the relevant information in one place, for one view of your customers.

Sage 200c tracks and manages multi-channel marketing campaigns from
lead to sale for maximum marketing effectiveness.

undefined Total Campaign Management
The Sage 200c Suite’s total campaign management functionality comes with marketing campaign workflow out-of-the-box so organisations can easily structure campaigns for consistent execution. Marketing users can execute multi-channel marketing campaigns for maximum reach and impact.
With Sage 200c, every phase of every marketing campaign can be tracked to provide meaningful analysis and campaign measurement.
Sage 200c empowers your automated marketing team to view activities, objectives, leads and follow-ups, and to drill down to specific activities including communications, opportunities, responses, budget, costs and prospects, managing and tracking every element of every marketing campaign.
Sage 200c makes it easier to roll out automated marketing campaigns by putting automated marketing resources to their best use and ensuring the availability of detailed information. The success of individual or ongoing campaigns can be tracked in real-time, at any stage from the initial lead to the close.
With user-friendly tools, reports and graphs, your marketing team have the ability to match sales revenues to specific campaigns and to analyse marketing campaigns per lead source. Powerful and flexible profiling of customers and prospects based on criteria selected by marketing as well as direct integration to mass e-mail and CTI functionality makes Sage 200 an invaluable tool for organisations and marketers.
Sage 200c not only tracks response rates, it also allows you to match sales revenue to specific campaigns. Management can use invaluable analysis tools to determine marketing RoI and cost versus sales analysis. Users can also define a marketing budget which alerts them when they are running over budget. Sage 200c tracks and manages multi-channel marketing campaigns from lead to sale for maximum marketing effectiveness.

Sage 200c provides powerful tools to record, tack and assign leads allowing your team to accurately measure the quality of leads, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the ROI achieved.

undefined Lead Management
Managing and tracking leads is vital to ensure that sales opportunities are not missed and are actioned accordingly. With Sage 200c, leads can be qualified per selected criteria for follow-up and tracked at each stage in the process.
Full workflow management ensures that leads are maximised at all times. They can be assigned to relevant team members to follow up or converted accordingly. Sage 200c provides you with a number of predefined reports to help analyse and track the source of leads. Customised reports can also be designed and displayed on the interactive dashboard for quick reference.

undefined List Management and Segmentation
With Sage 200c it is possible to create targeted lists of prospects and customers that can be used for sales calls/mailings. Customer data and prospect lists can be segmented based on desired criteria such as interest or demographics via user-friendly tools. Sage 200c allows you to focus marketing efforts on prospects that are most likely to purchase, thereby increasing return on investment and maximising marketing budget and spend.
Sage 200c can be configured so that campaign responses trigger sub-lists for the next wave of the campaign, with successful responses moved to sales and non-responses kept on a reminder list (or removed if required).
Marketing lists can be recorded for future reference and Sage 200c provides the option to re-use successful campaign lists or import mail house lists. Detailed profiles of customers and prospects over the course of the relationship can be created and this information can be stored, reported and segmented for future campaigns.

undefined Reporting and Analysis
Sage 200c enables you to take control of your marketing budget by providing extensive planning and reporting tools across all levels of marketing activity. Leads, opportunities and closed sales are all associated back to their originating marketing campaign, so the direct revenue yield for each programme can be calculated accurately. Alerts can be created to notify users when they are over budget for pinpoint and accurate budget management.

undefined The Interactive Dashboard
The interactive dashboard is an intuitive workspace where your marketing team can view and monitor marketing campaigns and activities. A pre-installed marketing dashboard is available out-of-the-box or you can customise your own dashboard or team dashboard with content that is relevant to you and your role.
With the interactive dashboard, your marketing team can link to reports to track the success of marketing campaigns and activities. The dashboard also display feeds from websites such as news monitoring which will keep them up-to-date with published news on your business and on your competitors. You can also link to LinkedIn® and other social networking sites to identify networking and marketing opportunities with customers and prospects.

The marketing dashboard provides users with a single view of relevant marketing information for quick and easy reference.

undefined E-mail marketing
Unleash the power of e-marketing; get smarter, stay competitive, communicate effectively and keep costs at a minimum. Sage 200c delivers all the power of e-marketing software for end-to-end campaign management. With a library of over 90 specially designed templates, you can execute targeted email marketing campaigns and drip marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time for maximum impact. Open, click and bounce rates are automatically tracked enabling users to calculate accurate ROI and deliver hot leads to the sales team. Campaigns can easily be cloned to allow users to share best practice with colleagues for consistent execution of future campaigns.
You can gain new customers and get closer to your existing customers with the easy-to-use functionality of Sage 200c. There is a simple 3-step wizard to walk you through creating new campaigns - use the pre-prepared templates to get you started straight away, personalise them for your use with your own logo, contact details, hyperlinks and call to action or create your own from scratch. You can use mail merge fields to build email templates that auto-fill the recipients and senders information and even send emails on behalf of another user to centralise your campaigns.
Create drip campaigns to enable you to build brand awareness quickly and cost effectively using the smart-sending features. Leave your campaigns to run perpetually and set it to preview campaigns before they are sent out.
Target your campaigns by using the filter features to set up specific groups of potential or existing customers. Call lists can be generated after execution of the campaign and can be based on e-marketing responses, closing the loop between email and telesales. You can also link the web self-service to e-maketing campaign landing pages helping to drive lead generation and help with customer retention.
Measure your campaign results quickly and easily with real-time responses. You can tweak campaigns continuously to make sure you’re maximising ROI for every campaign. From open rates to click and bounce tracking, this easy-to-use features will help quantify the success of your campaign and allow users to pinpoint exactly how they can improve future campaigns to keep potential customers engaged.
With Sage e-marketing you can edit your templates, manage and track campaigns, share best practice and keep your customers engaged all from within the Sage 200c Suite.

Easily create highly visual and targeted e-marketing campaigns with Sage 200c.

undefined Sage 200c Suite Integration 
The Sage 200c Suite provides tightly integrated front and back office data, and this sharing of vital financial and commercial information allows marketing staff to leverage account information, enabling them to identify buying trends or suitable target segments. Access to financial information on customers, provides your marketing team with the ability to create marketing lists based on financial profiles and target customers with good credit ratings and purchase histories.
Not only can you execute highly targeted campaigns but Sage 200c also enables you to pin-point measurement of marketing RoI.

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