Exceptional Customer Service with the Sage 200c Suite

Providing quality customer care and maintaining satisfied customers is a challenge for every business. The Sage 200c Suite’s customer service capabilities are designed to help you manage and resolve your customer queries and issues efficiently and effectively by providing you with an easy-to-use user interface and powerful feature set.


undefined Benefits Snapshot


  • • Enables customer satisfaction measurement and benchmarking
  • • Increases productivity of customer support representatives
  • • Assists with performance management and motivates staff
  • • Provides self-service facility to customers around common issues
  • • Enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answers the phone or receives the e-mail
  • • Ensures issues never “get lost between the cracks”
  • • Monitors service performance against service level agreements
  • • Reduces customer support costs
  • • Improves response times to customer service requests
  • • Reduces hold times for customers requiring customer support
  • • Reduces the average time to resolve an issue
  • • Increases the number of queries resolved on first contact rate
  • • Leads to decreased number of service escalations
  • • Leads to increased customer retention
  • • Leads to decreased cost of customer retention
  • • Captures feedback from customers on product/ service issues
  • • Enables benchmarking/score carding of customer service operations on an on-going basis
  • • Reduces time spent researching issues by recording and centralising customer interactions
  • • Enables staff to meet customers’ expectations
  • • Identifies the profile of most profitable customers to help with making outbound calls
  • • Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive information on interactive dashboards and workspaces
  • • Empowers the customer service team to provide a consistent and excellent service to customers

The intuitive interactive dashboard allows customer service staff to easily view real-time customer information and resolve their issues effortlessly by using the escalation Sage 200 features. As a result of tight integration with financial and commercial data, Sage 200c drives deep business process automation right across the organisation. Customer service staff have access to back- and front-office customer data for a complete 360 degree view of every customer; making every customer interaction more informative and effective.

undefined Case Management
Sage 200c provides the customer care team with the ability to record customer queries/incidents which need to be followed-up. If a case is not followed up within the time allocated, it will automatically trigger an escalation procedure to inform the customer services manager. This ensures that customer cases are attended to in a timely manner and that issues do not get lost ‘between the cracks’. Cases can be tracked and actioned directly from the interactive dashboard without the need to switch between screens, maximising the productivity of agents.

undefined Knowledge Base
Sage 200c provides central knowledge base capabilities for technical solutions to known issues or questions. This provides agents with easy and immediate access to a central bank of information and keeps accurate records of contacts with customers via case tracking and communication logs. Customer service staff can find a solution to a customer query quickly and easily which ultimately results in improved customer care. A full workflow approval process ensures that only solutions which have been reviewed and approved by the relevant manager is published in the knowledge base.

undefined Workflow
The ability to define customer care processes and escalation points is controlled and managed by automated workflow. If a customer service case or query remains unresolved for longer than the predefined time, the workflow process triggers an automatic escalation notification to the customer care manager.
This alert is a powerful automatic reminder that ensures each case is followed up on. Workflow can be fully customised in order to ensure that cases are progressed in accordance with company-specific requirements.

undefined Reporting
Sage 200c provides powerful reporting capabilitieswhich make it easy to monitor and measure customer service performance. Reports and dashboards provide overview information and detailed analysis on metrics such as call volume, case resolution times, communications and follow-up statistics. Customers can be provided with customised reports
to demonstrate that the resolution criteria within their SLAs are being met. These can be displayed on the interactive dashboard for quick and easy access and analysis.
Report charts are highly visual and graphical and can be incorporated into presentations for a professional look and feel. The charts are all configurable, customisable and skinable so users can modify the charts to suit their specific needs.

undefined Team Management 
Sage 200c provides management with a powerful tool to monitor agents’ performance. Managers can assess quantitative metrics such as case volume and the case resolution times, as well as qualitative metrics such as the prioritisation of cases and overall customer satisfaction which can be displayed on the interactive dashboard for ease of reference. This means that staff are motivated and fully equipped to resolve customer issues and customers receive a more meaningful and personalised service.

undefined Web Self-service 
Sage 200c offers a web self-service module that enables businesses to allow their customers, partners and suppliers to access a subset of their data and functionality over the web at their convenience. This capability can be fully integrated within your own website, ensuring that your customers benefit from an entirely seamless experience.

undefined Sage 200 Suite Integration 
The Sage 200c Suite provides tightly integrated front and back office data, and this sharing of vital financial and commercial information means customer service staff have access to key customer data enabling a true single view of the customer.
For example, customer service staff can easily check the availability of stock across different locations and can check the real-time status of orders without having to rely on multiple, disparate systems or consulting colleagues who may not be available. This enables you to give accurate information to customers without delays, thereby improving
customer service and driving customer loyalty.

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